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WHAT  WE  DOCustom stretcher frames constructed from poplar plywod made to your size requirements.

There are no stock sizes, and custom frame orders are usually processed within two weeks.  Email for a quote + shipping.


Standard Frame (1.3") - good general purpose stretcher recommended for lengths up to 48".

Professional Frame (2.1") - built in hanger system plus super strong lengths up to 96".

Unassembled Stretcher Bars - Need large frames?  Save on shipping with bundled sets. 

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Step-By-Step Installation Guide For Hanging a Professional Frame
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Experience Why French-Mount is Better!


Why use plywood to make a canvas stretcher frame instead of solid wood?  Answer - stability and cost effectiveness.  Traditional stretcher bars are cut from premium clear lumber, and this material is more costly and less available than it was in the past.  This means that the cost is higher while the lumber quality is generally lower.  Any wood defect or a slight change in grain direction can cause a canvas stretcher to warp.  By using engineered lumber - or plywood - the possibility of warping is minimized, and larger frames can be made with greater reliability.  Poplar plywood is a good low-acid alternative to pine stretcher bars.  The plywood frames are permanently assembled with glue and nails.  As an option, large frames can be disassembled and bundled to save on shipping costs.  Guaranteed to last -- and made is USA.

Standard Stretcher Frames are Economical -- Yet they are stronger than other brands of professional Stretcher Bars.

Standard Canvas Stretcher Frames for SUNY New Paltz.  36" x 42"

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